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Sustainable, contemporary, and stunning

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A modern take on hardwood

Hardwood has been the go-to solution for many people looking for natural beauty and elegance. Bamboo, however, is an excellent contender. Sleek, clean, and modern, bamboo flooring perfectly complements a contemporary design scheme. But don't let that fool you—it's just as elegant as hardwood, with the same natural variations and quirks. It's anything but boring.

Sustainability for a lifetime

Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to hardwood. It's so eco-friendly because bamboo is not actually a type of wood—it's a fast-growing grass. You can rest assured knowing no trees were harmed, and the environment will be left intact even after bamboo is harvested. It's also becoming more prevalent as more homeowners decide to go green. 

Bamboo flooring | Andy's 5 Star Flooring
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Perfectly pet-proof

You love your furry friends—but do you love the thought of having to worry about their nails scratching up your hardwood flooring? With bamboo, you have peace of mind. Strand woven bamboo is extremely hard and won't require any sort of refinishing over time, as it is much more wear- and scratch-resistant when compared to hardwood. It's moisture-resistant, too!

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