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Versatile, soft, and loved for centuries

Carpet is one of the most popular floor options and has been for many years. It adds irresistible warmth and softness to any room, and it's perfect in living rooms and bedrooms. Regardless of your taste or budgetary needs, there's the perfect carpet for you! 

There are tens of thousands of pile heights, colors, and styles to choose from. This makes carpet aptly suited for any room in any home. At Andy's 5 Star Flooring, we stock a vast selection, so there is something guaranteed for everyone!

Washed Indigo carpet | Andy's 5 Star Flooring
Urban Glamour Bedroom carpet| Andy's 5 Star Flooring
Shaw carpet | Andy's 5 Star Flooring
Moro carpet flooring | Andy's 5 Star Flooring

Ready to be inspired?

Take a look at our carpet inspiration guide and see the possibilities! See the latest trends, colors, styles, and so much more before you shop. 

Carpet| Andy's 5 Star Flooring


Get the most out of your carpets and investment by caring for them correctly. Read our in-depth guide to find out more about the correct products and techniques to use when cleaning your new carpets.

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Trust Andy's 5 Star Flooring with your professional carpet installation! Our experts are knowledgeable and efficient, and we're ready to handle all of the heavy lifting. Learn more about the process here!