Simply worry-free carpet

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Durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant

Andy's 5 Star Flooring is all about innovative products and solutions that give you peace of mind. This is why we're proud to offer STAINMASTER carpet. For durable carpet that can stand up to any mess or lifestyle, there's nothing better!


STAINMASTER carpets are made for you, your kids, and your pets—from PetProtect®, which is designed specifically with four-legged family members in mind, to LiveWell™, which traps dust and allergens for cleaner air. Featuring innovative stain-resistant technology never before used in carpet, STAINMASTER is the name to trust above all others!

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How It All Began

In 1986, STAINMASTER was born, featuring revolutionary technology that took the industry by storm. Over time, STAINMASTER found itself in over 18,000 flooring locations and is renowned for its durable and life-proof flooring products. Andy's 5 Star Flooring is proud to be able to offer you a wide selection of STAINMASTER products for any lifestyle!


Not all carpets are built the same! There are several different types of construction from which to choose.

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Helps mask footprints, ideal for high-traffic and casual areas.

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Unique curly appearance, ideal for high-traffic areas and tired toes.

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Has a smooth, even surface for a more formal look that highlights color.

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Can have flecks of color. Comfortable and great for family rooms and spill-prone areas.

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Cut yarn contrasts with loops to form a sculptured pattern, great for a family room.

Care & maintenance

Care for your STAINMASTER carpet as you would any other carpet! Make sure you vacuum frequently with a manufacturer-approved appliance to remove trapped dirt, dust, pet hair, and other allergens. If needed, be sure to use only approved carpet cleaners for best results.

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Concerned about budget? Not sure which style or texture is right for you? Need help choosing the perfect color or pattern? Reach out to the experts at Andy's 5 Star Flooring for expert advice and personalized recommendations.

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Room Use

Think about how you use your space. This will help guide you towards either a more formal and traditional look with a smooth and luxurious feel or a casual look that will hide spills and signs of traffic.

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If your room lacks natural sunlight, consider a brighter tone or a warm neutral. If you’re going for a calming feel, try something cool. Formal rooms match well with more elegant pastels or traditional dark tones.